Homage to Art of Fashion

 Seventies Fashion 

Seventies 1   Seventies 2

    Ali McGraw   Jaclyn Smith    Blondie   Lauren Hutton 

    Cher    Diana Ross


Sixties Fashion 

1960's 1    1960s 2

Jackie Kennedy   Beatles  Jean Shrimpton    

      Jimi Hendrix   Sofia Loren


I have always admired Renaissance artists depicting fashion in their paintings of the Italian courts. These artists were also known for creating costumes, designing textile patterns and embroidery. Flemish Baroque artists like Rubens, VanDyck also found inspiration in clothing. Van Dyck's portraiture gave us the knowledge of the fashion worn at the court of Charles 1 in 1630's.   The most celebrated Pop Artist in the United States was Andy Warhol.  After visiting the Andy Warhol museum, and because of my love of fashion, I decided to paint the series called  "Homage to Art of Fashion" starting with the 1960's. We know that the styles, shapes, patterns and colors of the clothes and the fabrics have been influenced by art and trends of the period. Andy Warhol started his career as a fashion illustrator for fashion magazines such as "Vogue" blending his artistic visions into his designs. Other artists blended their visions equally into their fashion styles and became some our famous designers we've had and continue to have today. This series represents some of those trends modeled by fashion icons, celebrities and super models of the period which I wanted to capture in my paintings.  I also wanted to capture  the events of each decade and how they influenced people's lives and fashon.

Why "Homage to Art of Fashion" they ask.
Throughout history the clothes we've worn had created powerful perception of who we are; and then as now Fashion has been intertwined with our culture. Designers are constantly developing contemporary look and changing the way we think about style and identity.  

I have decided to go back 5 decades to capture the fashion styles, fashion icons and celebrities of each decade in my paintings.
My series "Sixties" and "Seventies" are being shown in Italy and Slovakia.