Homage to Art of Fashion

 Seventies Fashion 

Seventies 1   Seventies 2

    Ali McGraw   Jaclyn Smith    Blondie   Lauren Hutton 

    Cher   Diana Ross   Farrah Fawcett

 Sixties Fashion 

1960's 1    1960s 2

Jackie Kennedy   Beatles  Jean Shrimpton    

      Jimi Hendrix   Sofia Loren


My body of artworks highlights the vital relationship between fashion and art during the tumultuous years of 1960's and 1970's.  The vibrancy of the Sixties and Seventies fashion inspired me to create paintings of the icons and celebrities who reflect the spirit of these decades and I call the series Homage of Art of Fashion.  I also wanted to capture the events of each decade and how they influenced people's lives, by creating canvases with the headlines and the photos of major events.